brand story

Sweetya ships the collected Glacial Ocreanic Clay back to Vancouver’s processing factory. After the purification process and adding a variety of natural plant ingredients, it then becomes the Sweetya Oceanic Clay mask you see.

Although there were many challenges along the way!

Sweetya has come across the sea to China!

About group

SWEETYA is also the only company in Canada that has the right to legally collect “Glacial Oceanic Clay”, which the company has overcome multiple difficulties to earn.

SWEETYAUnder the unremitting efforts, our scientific research team finally succeeded in getting the “glacier sea mud extract” – Glacial Mineral Water. It purifies and cleans skin, controls the oil and giving you beautiful and healthy skin.


Sweetya Natural Glacial Oceanic Clay Series is rich in up to 70 minerals and rare earth elements which exfoliates and deep cleanses pores, revealing softened, toned and radiant skin.