Glacial Mineral Moisturizing Toner


Containing 95% of the glacial sea mud extract of the mineral essence, it’s a nourishing and balancing essence water easier than conventional essence to absorb.

These mineral elements are indispensable nutrition for healthy skin. It keeps the nutrition in the skin, accelerates metabolism, and can, therefore, help skin base to restore vitality and flexibility, eliminate the surface fine lines, to reproduce healthy luster on skin.

From the ancient glacier water system, natural noble pure.

Rich in minerals and the content is very balanced – the Colombian glacier water contains a large number of mineral elements, continuous use can increase skin elasticity, helps to moisturize the facial skin, is able to restore the skin moisturizing natural glacier water.

Water quality characteristics of significant, micro-mineral content, no burden of the kidney. Suitable for drinking at all ages.

Low sodium and alkali, PH value of 7.1-7.5 – the closest to the human body pH, water soft, effective regulation of acidic body.

After cleaning, even spray on the face. Gently tapping in order to absorb.

Or glacier water into the masking paper, apply to the face, completely penetrate into the skin, rapid moisturizing, glacier deep water, nutrition skin, convenient and quicker, so that the skin is more soft and delicate.

Ingredients: sea salt extract (glacier marine mineral water), polysorbate 20, hydroxyacetophenone, water, glycerol, vaccinia extract, coriander (carrageenan) powder, sugar cane extract, glycerol glycerol, citrate (Orange) fruit extract, citrus lemon (lemon) fruit extract, Acer sugar cane (sugar maple extract), Brassica juncea leaf extract, Brassica (radish) leaf extract, spinach leaf extract, vanilla.

Our products do not include: artificial colors, p-hydroxybenzoates and binders.


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